One of our back stories for the Second-Hand Curtains Blog A long fabulous pair of french silk damask curtains sent to Hungary, split into two and now hanging in a smart apartment in a fashionable area of Budapest

Just why are Fabulous Second Hand Curtains so popular?

This Second-Hand Curtains Blog provides the answer to this question. We waste so much in this world and fabulous second-hand curtains regularly get 'dumped' into landfillWe have clients who regularly contact us and tell us that they just can’t bring themselves to throw curtains in a skip! Fortunately, such is the power of modern search engines that searching for ‘second-hand curtains’ will usually find us quite easily.

Great looking second-hand curtains are an amazing inexpensive way to transform a room without spending huge sums of money. Curtains just should never be thrown away but re-used by someone else who will love them.

We especially love really long curtains as many of our clients live in old (draughty) country houses. They just want large long heavy interlined curtains to keep warm!!

World-wide appeal of Second-Hand Curtains.

We sell curtains all over the world and I think the only major continent we have not yet sent curtains to is South America. This year alone curtains have gone to Beverley Hills in the USA, Spain, France, Germany and Australia among others. 

Many of our customers love knowing the back story of their new curtains and some of these stories are fascinating. My personal all-time favourite were the four antique silk panels ransacked from a palace during the latter stages of the Spanish Civil War. You can read about this great story dating back to 1937-38 on our sister website here. 

Another story involved the three immensely long pairs of silk curtains that we collected from Grosvenor Square in London. They ended up being sold to a lovely lady who lives in a beautiful moated castle in Southern Holland!

Finally the 'six degrees of separation' rule certainly worked for the young NHS Nurse from Wales who gave us two pairs of beautiful long embroidered cream silk curtains to sell.  They were bought by a couple who live in Bridgetown, Western Australia who remodelled them and sent us pictures of their new life! The 'six degrees rule? It is quite simple, the grandfather of the nurse who gave us the curtains was born in Bridgetown, Western Australia!!!!

So how do we help?

So if you have interesting full-length curtains in a condition that we can sell we will take them and find them a new home. They do not have to be perfect! We don't mind (some) sun fading on the linings or frayed silk. If they have seen better days don't worry.

We will call them ‘shabby chic’ or 'country house' curtains and find them a home. Just send us pictures first so we can be sure we can sell them for you. You can find how all this works by reading our section on the Selling Process.

We love what we do and we are saving our ‘stock’ from ending in landfill which would be a desecration.  The life of your curtains can be extended by many years.

We love all our curtains and it doesn't matter wherever you live in the world. Thanks for getting this far and we hope to see you soon and you can always reach us via our Contact Us page. xx