Frequently Asked Questions


This page is entirely for dealing with some of the frequently asked questions that occur with some of the listings. This is especially true of the curtains that we list in our shop. If there are any questions relating to any of these points feel free to contact us on 07976 945697.

[1] – The concept of Best Width

When curtains are pinch pleat, goblet pleat or taped pencil pleat the top width of the curtain is fixed and not easily altered. We measure the top width of one curtain then double it to find the maximum width the curtains will fit.  However the fact is that curtains look better if they are not stretched when drawn. Far better to have some give in the drawn curtains as they look better. We therefore came up with the idea of ‘best width’ and decided on 6 ins or 15 cms less to allow for a better look. So for a pair of curtains which have a maximum width of 100 ins or 254 cms we say the ‘best width’ is 94 ins or 239 cms.

This does not apply to normal pencil pleat curtains as we measure the ungathered width of one curtain. This measurement then translates to the maximum width the pair will fit as one ungathered curtain equals two gathered curtains.

[2] – ‘Country House’ Curtains

We describe second hand curtains as ‘country house’ when we list curtains that have ‘issues’! They will almost certainly have been hanging for quite a few years and not be in the best condition.

There may be marks on the curtains fabric and possibly water marks on the bottom hems or the linings. If the curtains are silk there will very possibly be evidence of fraying down the leading edges. We take pictures of any major issue but not of the minor ones, although we will tell you about them! It is also probable that the linings will be tired looking and have fading in evidence.

However this is not to say that these curtains are unsellable, in fact far from it. Many clients love this look and once the curtains have been hung, many of the ‘issues’ do disappear. All second-hand curtains deserve a chance to be re-loved in a new home, even a country one!

[3] – Postage Costs

The postage cost for curtains is based on UK delivery and is calculated on their weight and includes Insurance. This will be added during the checkout procedure. Postage costs are combined if more than one pair of curtains are being purchased at the same time.

If you live abroad please contact us first to get details of actual costs of shipping overseas. We will invoice you separately and the costs will need to be paid before the curtains are shipped to you.