Terms & Conditions


1.1 – Divinely Vintage Ltd (The Company) acts as an Agent for the owner of the curtains. Curtains remain the property of the Client until sold or otherwise disposed of by The Company in accordance with Clause 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 below.

1.2 – Curtains are deposited with The Company for an initial maximum period of six months. This is known as the Period of Deposit.

1.3 – The Company shall offer the curtains for sale to potential customers based on the valuations agreed with the client

1.4 – If curtains have not sold during the Period of Deposit the client shall contact The Company to arrange for collection of their unsold items. Clients may also agree with Divinely Vintage that the curtains may be disposed of to charity. Divinely Vintage may agree to extend the period of deposit for a period of time to be agreed with the client. This would be possible if it is thought that the curtains will still sell. An amended valuation may need to be agreed at this stage.

1.5 – Divinely Vintage does not post curtains back to the client at the end of the period of deposit. A client may request that the curtains be returned to the client by post at the end of the period of deposit or earlier. If so the client would have to pay for the cost of the label before the curtains are posted out.

1.6 – Once curtains have been disposed of all claims thereto by the Client shall cease.

1.7 – Divinely Vintage sells all client curtains on a 50/50 commission basis. All commissions shall not be paid to the client until at least 30 days have passed since the sale. This is to comply with The Company’s standard 30 day return rules. All commissions are paid directly into the nominated bank account of the client. The Company does not issue cheques in payment of commissions. If the client resides overseas payment may be made via the CHAPS system if the bank account is overseas.

1.8 – During the Period of Deposit, every effort is taken to protect the articles against fire, water, theft and/or damage. No responsibility or liability is accepted by The Company for loss or damage to articles deposited by Customers in any circumstances whatever that precede their sale during the Period of Deposit. All such risks of loss or damage shall remain solely with the Customer.

1.9 – Divinely Vintage Ltd reserves the right to reduce or vary the sale price at any time during the Period of Deposit. This is on the proviso that any changeΒ  to the price is within the original valuation agreed with the client. The Company will not reduce the sale price below the original agreed figures without the agreement of the client.