Long Pale Green Silk Pinch Pleat Second-Hand Curtains (Unlined) W184 D404 – 2 Pairs available


This listing is for two pairs of Long Pale Green Silk Pinch Pleat Second-Hand Curtains. These long but narrow curtains have no lining but are in excellent clean condition.

Each pair of these curtains will fit a track/pole to a BEST WIDTH of 66 ins or 169 cms with a drop of 159 ins or 404 cms. The maximum width of each pair is 72 ins or 184 cms. Each pair is priced at £195.

2 in stock

Please forgive us for saying so but you are considering buying ‘second-hand curtains’. This means there may be some small marks or smudges on them which have come with the passage of time. Major marks or stains or fading we will picture and tell you about. The only time you will see any of these ‘small’ marks or smudges is when you open the box with the curtains. Once hung these will disappear and never be noticed by anybody again, mainly because no-one gets that close to them except for you!!!

Our ratings for these very long silk curtains are as follows: –

The fabric of all the curtains are still in very good condition with no discernible damage seen on any of the curtains and no fade lines that we can see. The  curtains are ‘musty’ as they have been stored away in suitcases for quite a while but I would be a bit wary of getting them cleaned due to their age. However a quick spray with ‘Fabreze’…. – Rating 8.25/10

The leading edges of the curtains are showing  no fading and no other damage – Rating 8.75/10

The linings of all the curtains are in very similar condition, no stains or marks and no obvious fading, just maybe a tad tired, which after 40 years hanging and the last year/18 months in two suitcases is unsurprising!! – Rating 7.95/10

The postage cost for these curtains is based on delivery in the UK and is calculated on their weight and includes Insurance and will be added during the checkout procedure. Postage costs are combined if more than one pair of curtains are being purchased at the same time.

If you live abroad please contact us first to get details of additional costing over and above the UK rate applicable which we will invoice you separately and will need to be paid before the curtains are shipped out to you.

Any curtains bought from us that do not quite work when you receive them, because of colour, size, etc, can be returned to us within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the cost of the curtains. Just let us know within 14 days of receipt and please send the curtains back in the same environmentally-friendly box.


This listing is for two pairs of Long Pale Green Silk Pinch Pleat Second-Hand Curtains. The curtains have no lining and are in excellent clean condition.

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