Extra Long Second-Hand Curtains 300 cms and longer

This category is for all our extra long second-hand curtains which have drops of at least 300 cms. This ties in with our well established and very popular Long Curtains WhatsApp Group.

Extra long second-hand curtains, are wonderful for keeping out draughts and interlined second-hand curtains are a godsend. Many of these curtains will be either vintage or country house standard so will also appear in that category as well.

The weight of interlined second-hand curtains will almost certainly depend on the type of interlining. Some will be thick ‘blanket’ interlining whereas others will have a much lighter or thinner. In any event all will be able to restrict the amount of light coming through the curtains. Please note that the weight of the curtains will of necessity determine the postage costs. All our curtains have to be insured en-route to you as they belong to our clients till they are received by you!!

Those listings below which have pinch or goblet pleat headers will refer to the concept of BEST WIDTH. To understand what we mean by this, please click on the following link to access our FAQ’s