Country House / Vintage Second-Hand Curtains (Singles or Pairs)

This product category is for Country House / Vintage Second-Hand Curtains, either in Singles or Pairs. This refers to all our second-hand curtains which have had a long life. If we describe them as ‘vintage’ curtains they are over 20 years old. Country Life is an indication that the curtains have probably been in a large country house for many a year. They might well not be looking their best now but, like all our other second-hand curtains, they deserve another life.

The weight of interlined country house / vintage second-hand curtains will depend on the type of interlining. Some will be thick ‘blanket’ interlining whereas others will have a much lighter or thinner interlining. In any event all will be able to restrict the amount of light coming through the curtains.

Quite a few of the Listings will refer to the concept of BEST WIDTH. To understand what we mean by this, please click on the following link to access our FAQ’s

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